Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buttlerfly Bag

I must admit that I am very proud of my achievement in making this bag. I bought the pattern 2 years ago while on holidays and every so often I get it out of my pattern drawer and think ' I really should get some nice fabric to make that' then something else comes up and I put it away for a while longer. So when we went to the coast for a few days early in May, I decided to take my Mum with me to find some fabric and all the bits and bobs to make it. This, is the outcome. It was fiddly, with quite a few small bits to sew, like the loops for the bow etc, but suprisingly easy. I only had to unpick one lot of sewing, when I was sewing the base to the bag, I got a little bit caught up, but was impressed that it was only one lot of unpicking :) The bag is supposed to have stiff handles, but I don't like hard handles on my bony shoulders, so I just put interfacing in them instead. The lining of the bag is the same as the bow and also has a good sized pocket. The bag I have done is the big size, but there is also a smaller size. If you are interested in ordering a bag, in your choice or my choice of fabric, please let me know. Prices will be from $50 for the smaller bag, and from $65 for the large one.

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