Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Ready for Christmas - yes, it's only 9 weeks away!!

I have been very slack on my blog, but here I am! I have been busy sewing little outfits. Take a look at my Christmas items for your little ones. The ruffle skirt is available in size 6 months to size 4 (please note Christmas fabric will vary according to what is available). I have appliqued a matching t-shirt for the skirt pictured. Appliqued t-shirts can be done on any size t-shirt. I buy the t-shirts from Target as they are good quality for an affordable price. If you have a baby girl or toddler, how about a ruffle pants and singlet set? These ones in the red and white have been very popular, many ordering them for Christmas, but they are not limited to Christmas. There are little elastic waisted skirts available in size 0-7 (the one pictured has stars appliqued on) They can be made from any fabric. Or if you would like just a little Christmas something, why not choose a reversible Christmas headband? These are available in sizes 6months up to adult. If you would like to purchase an item already in stock or place a custom order, please go to

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soccer Shorts

On a recent trip to Spotlight, a rare one with my boys in tow, they spotted a gorgeous boys fabric and said 'Mummy, can you make some soccer shorts please?' - and how could I resist that!
So, here they are. Jack chose red, because it's his favourite colour. Mason chose the blue, which also helps my husband differentiate between their clothes, since they are the same size.
The shorts took me about 20 minutes each to make, as I found such a simple pattern. They just have elastic waists, great for little boys and toileting. I have since made a pair of denim ones for Mason, who has decided to skip size 3 pants and therefore doesn't fit any of Jack's shorts from last Summer.
If you would like me to make some shorts for your boys, or girls, ready for summer, please let me know. This pattern is from size 3 - 8 and I'm sure I have smaller shorts patterns too. 
I have found that shorts are getting so expensive at the shops, plus you can only buy boring plain prints. A pair of elastic waist shorts at BigW the other day was nearly $10 - these soccer ones cost about $5, depending on the size you make.
I have also just bought a cheap white t-shirt (I'm not good at t-shirts yet) and bought a soccer ball iron on patch at Spotlight and made matching shirts for them. Jack is very excited by this and asked if he could wear them to preschool this week and show his teacher and friends - how sweet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Baby Sets and Cute Shoes

I have been stuck at home a lot lately with my boys having chicken pox and now each has a cold, so that has given me plenty of sewing time. Plus, in our new house, I don't have a dedicated sewing room, so I can sew and see what they are doing all the time.
I have been sewing little summer outfits for babies the last week, so if you are having a summer baby or have a friend/family member who is, why not buy one of these? They come in a variety of sizes, and I can custom make one to the size you require, for $10 a set.

I have also perfected these little baby shoes. These ones are the 2nd set of each I attempted, as the first 2 times there was one spot in the pattern that wasn't clear, but after those errors, it helped me realise what I had done wrong, and now I know. I think they are just gorgeous! Again, they are available made to order. Please note these are only fabric shoes, and are only one size, to fit up to about 6 months.

I also made this gorgeous little girl's summer set using a pattern from my Mother in law, that you can still buy in the shops so it must be a timeless pattern. Again, it is available to be made to order and sells for $15. 
If you are not busy on this Saturday, 7th August, why not pop into see me at the Craft Markets at Stafford Heights Baptist Church from 8am-12pm. I would love to see you :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Back into Sewing

Well we are all settled into our new house and I have pulled out the sewing machines. It feels so good to be sewing again after 2 weeks of no craft :)  
I have been busy making baby clothes the last 2 days. I will have photos on my page soon, it's been raining and our lighting is not good for taking good pictures. I have made a cute boys' outfit - a nappy cover and matching singlet with electric guitars on them.
Also look out for a gorgeous mauve/white spots cross over top with matching frilly pants for a little bubby girl.
I am about to cut a new pattern to make beautiful baby/toddler dresses with applique on the front.
I have also discovered a wonderful website called Ivy Designs. They sell children's clothes, but also applique templates and patterns. I made a purchase there yesterday, and am keen to try them out - I bought mostly boy designs including a train; dinosaur; shark etc. I hope to have some creations made soon.
Another exciting thing is that I have just opened up a store on - look for Kathryn's Creations.
I hope to be more regular at updating my blog now that we are settled, so I will hopefully be back soon :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone like shoes? This is for you!

Do you like shoes? Well, here is a design just for you! I am a shoe lover, and if I could stretch our budget to be able to buy shoes every week I would. One of my cousin's turned 21 last month and knowing that she too loves shoes (must be a family thing!) I found this cross stitch chart and designed a name for a towel. She loves it and I had a lot of positive comments on it as I worked on it during the markets last month. When we are settled in our new house, I plan to make some towels with just the shoes on without the letters. If you would like me to design a towel or something else for you with this chart, please let me know - I would love to!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocket Wall Art

I did these about a year or more ago, but haven't shared them on my blog.
These rockets and stars are what brighten my older boy's room. I wanted to brighten their room, especially as in our old house we had a big blank wall, and since we rent, we of course couldn't just paint it or do anything drastic, so I chose to be arty :)
I found, on ebay, the MDF shapes of the rockets and stars. (I have since found a new website where I can get all sorts of MDF shapes, words and even puzzles to paint)
I then painted the stars and added glitter and varnish.
For the rockets, I used their quilt covers as inspiration (they are covered in rocket ships) and designed the rockets to match. Next time though, I won't put as many circles on - they are hard to paint!
I then did the outlines of shapes in black nikko pen (much easier and neater than painting) and gave them a coat of spray varnish.
The boys love them and it does brighten their room. They are held on the wall by blu tac, since they are so light.
If you would like something done for your children's wall, please let me know.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Craft Markets on Saturday

Hi everyone,
Don't forget to come and see me at the Stafford Baptist Church craft markets tomorrow, Saturday 5th June from 8am - 12pm. I'll have all of my items there, plus some that haven't made it onto the computer yet. There are lots of other lovely stalls there also, as well as a cheap but yummy cafe and an op shop.