Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocket Wall Art

I did these about a year or more ago, but haven't shared them on my blog.
These rockets and stars are what brighten my older boy's room. I wanted to brighten their room, especially as in our old house we had a big blank wall, and since we rent, we of course couldn't just paint it or do anything drastic, so I chose to be arty :)
I found, on ebay, the MDF shapes of the rockets and stars. (I have since found a new website where I can get all sorts of MDF shapes, words and even puzzles to paint)
I then painted the stars and added glitter and varnish.
For the rockets, I used their quilt covers as inspiration (they are covered in rocket ships) and designed the rockets to match. Next time though, I won't put as many circles on - they are hard to paint!
I then did the outlines of shapes in black nikko pen (much easier and neater than painting) and gave them a coat of spray varnish.
The boys love them and it does brighten their room. They are held on the wall by blu tac, since they are so light.
If you would like something done for your children's wall, please let me know.

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