Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soccer Shorts

On a recent trip to Spotlight, a rare one with my boys in tow, they spotted a gorgeous boys fabric and said 'Mummy, can you make some soccer shorts please?' - and how could I resist that!
So, here they are. Jack chose red, because it's his favourite colour. Mason chose the blue, which also helps my husband differentiate between their clothes, since they are the same size.
The shorts took me about 20 minutes each to make, as I found such a simple pattern. They just have elastic waists, great for little boys and toileting. I have since made a pair of denim ones for Mason, who has decided to skip size 3 pants and therefore doesn't fit any of Jack's shorts from last Summer.
If you would like me to make some shorts for your boys, or girls, ready for summer, please let me know. This pattern is from size 3 - 8 and I'm sure I have smaller shorts patterns too. 
I have found that shorts are getting so expensive at the shops, plus you can only buy boring plain prints. A pair of elastic waist shorts at BigW the other day was nearly $10 - these soccer ones cost about $5, depending on the size you make.
I have also just bought a cheap white t-shirt (I'm not good at t-shirts yet) and bought a soccer ball iron on patch at Spotlight and made matching shirts for them. Jack is very excited by this and asked if he could wear them to preschool this week and show his teacher and friends - how sweet!

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