Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drawer String Bags

I have been making some drawer string bags over the last few days. These are great if you have kids or to give as a gift. I made some for my boys last year and the size is great for when you need to just chuck a few books or toys in a bag if you are going somewhere and need to keep them occupied. I took a bag each filled with little quiet toys and books when my cousin got married last year as my boys were only 17 months and 2 1/2 years and it was fabulous. They are also great for long car trips. I pack a little snack box, drink bottle, books and small toys when we have to travel more than 1/2 hour if they need it. Also, I send my oldest son's sheet and blanket in one this size to Preschool. Having worked in childcare for 10 years before having my own children, I have seen many bags (some with no bags) for sheets and the big ones are a pain to store and unnecessary, so these are a great size. I have more fabric that I will be doing more in coming days and weeks.


  1. thanks! Yes, I use my boys' ones for lots of things. I put a patch on with my boys' names on each bag, so I can personalise them if people want that

  2. They look fantastic - love the fabrics. Would you mind posting with more specific instructions (particularly for how you do the draw-string bit) for us dud sew-ers out here?

  3. absolutely Julie, thanks for the idea :)