Friday, March 5, 2010

Button Canvas Art

I got creative during my pregnancy with Harry, after I purchased a new quilt cover that has lovely little flowers trailing all over it - much to my husband's disgust! We had just found out 'Beanie' was going to be Harry rather than Lily, and my mother in law told me I deserved a bit of a femine touch in our bedroom since I was going to be surrounded by boys :) So, I remembered what Tara Denis had done one night on Better Homes and Gardens and dug out the magazine I had bought for that reason. This is the end result. I was really happy with the result - better than I thought I'd do! Isn't it nice when we suprise ourselves with our talents?


  1. I was wondering where this is hanging? Is it art on your wall? I love it - and it also looks like jewellery as well?
    I had a necklace (I seem to have misplaced it) made of orange and yellow buttons Andy gave me one year made by a friend - it was LOVED by little girls at school!

  2. It's in our bedroom above our bed. It's all just a mixture of buttons. Took me ages to do - alot more detailed and fiddly because you have to glue every button individually and be careful not to bump it once you've laid them all out!