Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancing Skirts & Pyjamas

Well, hemming the wedding dress went okay, although with how nervous I was, I think it will be a one off event! I'll stick to things I am comfortable with. Just like these things I made during the week. I found kids PJ's are quite expensive when you have to buy for 2 children who have outgrown their PJ's from last year! So, I found some flannellette and made pants, which are really quick and easy. The other good thing is that the pattern is way too long for my boys legs, but we all know kids legs grow quicker than their waist, so I will just roll them up and they will last a while! I'm not too good at collared shirts, I'll admit, so I bought a plain long sleeved t-shirt for a few dollars and glued/sewed a patch of matching fabric on.  What do you think? If you would like to order a pair let me know. I can do plain, patterned, licenced fabrics (Dora etc) or a mix of both (like the checked pair - I didn't have enough of each to make a pair, so I did one leg of each) Licenced fabrics will be more, naturally. PJ's will be $12 for plain/patterned fabrics. Price will depend on the cost of Licenced prints and I will give you a quote.

The 'Dancing Skirt' - as named by my middle son Mason (pictured below as my model) and scarf are a popular item in the dress up box in our house, despite having all boys. Sadly, the last 2 skirts were loved so much by my boys & their cousins before them, that they did not survive the last wash. Yesterday, I found a treasure trove of fabrics at a local shop. These sequened fabrics were one of them at a bargain price. If you would like to order some dancing skirts & scarves, please let me know. I can do small sequened fabric for $5 a set or larger sequened fabric for $7 a set. Great gift idea for a little girl too.

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